If you would like for formidable domain name administration options and distinctive domain names registration prices you have visited the right spot. Look at our video presentation to see what Cupidpreneurs can offer for your domain names.

We provide more than 50 special domain name extensions, or TLDs, at cheap pricing. For most of those, we’ve got a one on one settlement with the enterprise, in charge of that TLD, which enables us to make available reduced domain name registration rates. In addition, because we are in special connection with the domain registrar, all modifications you are making to your domain names are going to multiply throughout the world way quicker.

For the purposes of domain management, now we have developed a extraordinary domain managing tool – Cupidpreneurs’s Domain Names Manager. It’s an essential portion of Cupidpreneurs’s Control Panel and it helps you gracefully take care of a number of domain names at the same time. Also, it is packed with good tools, for instance a domain name redirection tool, a GeoIP redirection service and more. And since the Domain Manager is part of the Control Panel, in case you have your web site hosted here, you can manage both your domain names and your websites with the identical place, without having to use any additional panels.

When you manage a online store, or you mean to easily include a further safety level for your personal website, we’ve got just the thing for you – SSL Services. You can find an SSL certificate from the Control Panel and then we can also handle the installation automatically for your personal sites. You no longer need to attend third party providers after which grapple with the SSL certificate installation and setup.

As a possible extra secureness level for your personal domain names, furthermore, we supply a WHOIS Privacy Protection service. With the Whois Privacy Protection service, we will cover up your personal info from your domain name’s Whois. This dramatically cuts down on the chances for cyber theft and it also minimizes the quantity of spam messages you get in your Whois–associated address.