Provided you decide to use a PostgreSQL-driven script app on one of your sites, you'll need ample database storage space for it, so as to make sure that even if your website evolves, it will work efficiently and without interruptions. Including more items to an online shop or extra comments to a community forum are just two samples of what may expand your databases. In the event you run out of storage space at some time, the overall performance may decrease or the site might not be available at all owing to the fact that once the storage restriction is reached, the script will not be able to save fresh content in the database - user-generated or system one. Since PostgreSQL is designed for scalable web apps, it is likely that if you employ this type of database for your website, you will need more space for it as your site expands.
PostgreSQL Database Storage in Shared Hosting
When you select our shared hosting services, you'll be able to increase the content along with the user base of your PostgreSQL-driven sites as much as you want because a few of our plans provide unlimited database storage. Even if you buy a lower-end package, you can improve either the database space feature or the entire plan, to have sufficient system resources for your websites. We employ a custom-made cloud platform and we have an entire cluster for the database storage. Since no other processes run using these servers, the general performance is much better and we will add more servers or HDDs if they're needed. No matter how many elements you add to your webstore or the number of comments users leave on your message board, you'll never encounter any issues on account of insufficient database storage.
PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Servers
Our Linux semi-dedicated servers are suitable to host every PostgreSQL-driven script app. One of the differences between the plans is in the number of databases and the storage for them that you receive, so as to provide you with an option to select the characteristics that you truly need. For a smaller website, for instance, you will not need that many system resources, while for a popular portal, a discussion board with lots of users or a web shop with a lot of products you may benefit from our top-end plan which includes unrestricted PostgreSQL database storage space. Since all of your accounts are set up on a cloud web hosting platform, all the databases run using an independent cluster and they do not share the system resources with other kinds of files. Thus, we achieve a couple of things - better performance of script sites and practically limitless database storage space.